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Here's John Kerry Riding a Pink Bicycle During the Gaza Crisis

Edna stands beside her pink bicycle. Well, it had taken him a little while to buy the bike, after he had figured out that was the best thing to do with what money he had left. Why, he hadn't even taken the price tag off the bike, he had been in such a hurry.

The Pink Bicycle

But then, of course, he needed to buy this hat he was wearing, for disguise purposes of course. Well, it wasn't much of a disguise, just a hat, but then, Doc hadn't had much time to buy it.

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He sighed. That was one of the problems with time traveling. A couple of the roads he had expected to take to get here hadn't been built yet.

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And then his muscles had started to complain. That was another problem with all this time travel — when you sat in a DeLorean all day long, you ended up neglecting much-needed exercise! Note: The following section is considered non-canon or is disputed in canonicity. Non-canon or disputable information ends here.

The Pink Bicycle, Victoria

Categories :. Deputies found Edwards hiding in the attic above the bedroom with his feet dangling out of the attic door.

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Edwards refused to leave the attic but was shot with a Taser stun gun and taken into custody. Deputies found the owner of the pink bicycle and ordered a basket and lock for her bike.

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