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Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin. JUL 6. Sat, Jul 6, pm. JUL 7. Sun, Jul 7, pm. JUL Fri, Jul 26, pm. Sat, Jul 27, pm. Ritter Butzke, Berlin. An Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dre: - Metropol Berlin. Metropol Berlin, Berlin. AUG 4. Sun, Aug 4, pm. KulturBrauerei, Berlin. Tue, Oct 15, pm. Admiralspalast, Berlin. Sun, Jun 30, pm. Kulturkahn Paula, Berlin. All-you-can-eat Vegan Brunch. Sun, Jun 30, am. Please click the links to take a look at the final wording of Article 11 , Article 13 , and for the whole text. Parliament negotiator Axel Voss accepted the deal between France and Germany I laid out in a recent blog post :.

The project to allow Europeans to conduct Text and Data Mining , crucial for modern research and the development of artificial intelligence, has been obstructed with too many caveats and requirements. Rightholders can opt out of having their works datamined by anyone except research organisations. Minor improvements for access to cultural heritage : Libraries will be able to publish out-of-commerce works online and museums will no longer be able to claim copyright on photographs of centuries-old paintings.

The history of this law is a shameful one. From the very beginning , the purpose of Articles 11 and 13 was never to solve clearly-defined issues in copyright law with well-assessed measures, but to serve powerful special interests , with hardly any concern for the collateral damage caused. In the relentless pursuit of this goal , concerns by independent academics , fundamental rights defenders , independent publishers , startups and many others were ignored.

At times, confusion was spread about crystal-clear contrary evidence. In his conservative EPP group, the driving force behind this law, dissenters were marginalised. The work of their initially-appointed representative was thrown out after the conclusions she reached were too sensible. Mr Voss then voted so blindly in favour of any and all restrictive measures that he was caught by surprise by some of the nonsense he had gotten approved.

It took efforts equally herculean and sisyphean across party lines to prevent the text from turning out even worse than it now is. In the end, a closed-door horse trade between France and Germany was enough to outweigh the objections… so far. You can change that at the polls! Our best chance to stop the EU copyright law: The upcoming Parliament vote.

Tweet this! The Parliament and Council negotiators who agreed on the final text now return to their institutions seeking approval of the result. If it passes both votes unchanged, it becomes EU law , which member states are forced to implement into national law. Next, at a date to be announced, the EU member state governments will vote in the Council. Either a large country like Germany or several small ones would need to change their minds: This is the less likely way to stop it. Our best bet: The final vote in the plenary of the European Parliament , when all MEPs, directly elected to represent the people, have a vote.

This will take place either between March 25 and 28, on April 4 or between April 15 and The plenary can vote to kill the bill — or to make changes , like removing Articles 11 and The final Parliament vote will happen mere weeks before the EU elections. Most MEPs — and certainly all parties — are going to be seeking reelection.

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Articles 11 and 13 will be defeated if enough voters make these issues relevant to the campaigns. It is up to you to make clear to your representatives: Their vote on whether to break the internet with Articles 11 and 13 will make or break your vote in the EU elections. Be insistent — but please always stay polite. To the extent possible under law, the creator has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. I am confident that we can make our voices heard, that the proposed deal, no matter if in a weakened or otherwise changed form, is unacceptable and unhelpful in every possible way.

Moreover, this event should mark a change in perception for our generation. Article 53 [Attendance of members of the Federal Government]. The Joint Committee. Article 53a [Composition — Rules of procedure]. The Federal President. Article 54 [Election — Term of office]. Article 55 [Incompatibilities]. Article 56 [Oath of office]. Article 57 [Substitution]. Article 58 [Countersignature]. Article 59 [Representation of the Federation for the purposes of international law]. Article 59a [repealed].

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Article 60 [Appointment of civil servants — Pardon — Immunity]. Article 61 [Impeachment before the Federal Constitutional Court]. The Federal Government. Article 62 [Composition]. Article 63 [Election of the Federal Chancellor]. Article 64 [Appointment and dismissal of Federal Ministers — Oath of office]. Article 65 [Power to determine policy guidelines — Department and collegiate responsibility].

Article 65a [Command of the Armed Forces]. Article 66 [Incompatibilities]. Article 67 [Vote of no confidence]. Article 68 [Vote of confidence]. Article 69 [Deputy Federal Chancellor — Term of office]. Federal Legislation and Legislative Procedures. Article 71 [Exclusive legislative power of the Federation]. Article 72 [Concurrent legislative powers]. Article 73 [Matters under exclusive legislative power of the Federation]. Article 74 [Matters under concurrent legislative powers]. Article 74a [repealed]. Article 75 [repealed].

Article 76 [Bills]. Article 77 [Legislative procedure — Mediation Committee]. Article 78 [Passage of federal laws]. Article 79 [Amendment of the Basic Law]. Article 80 [Issuance of statutory instruments]. Article 80a [State of tension]. Article 81 [Legislative emergency].

Julia Reda – Article 13 is back on – and it got worse, not better

Article 82 [Certification — Promulgation — Entry into force]. Article 86 [Federal administration]. Article 87 [Matters]. Article 87a [Armed Forces]. Article 87b [Federal Defence Administration]. Article 87c [Production and utilisation of nuclear energy]. Article 87d [Air transport administration]. Article 87e [Rail transport administration].

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Article 87f [Posts and telecommunications]. Article 89 [Federal waterways — Administration of waterways]. Article 90 [Federal highways]. Article 91 [Internal emergency]. Joint Tasks. Article 91a [Joint tasks — Responsibility for expenditure]. Article 91b [Education programmes and promotion of research]. Article 91c [Information technology systems]. Article 91d [Comparison of performance]. Article 91e [Cooperation in respect of basic support for persons seeking employment].

The Judiciary.

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Article 92 [Court organisation]. Article 93 [Jurisdiction of the Federal Constitutional Court]. Article 94 [Composition of the Federal Constitutional Court].

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Article 95 [Supreme federal courts]. Article 96 [Other federal courts]. Article 97 [Judicial independence]. Article 98 [Legal status of judges — Impeachment]. Article 99 [Constitutional disputes within a Land ]. Article [Concrete judicial review].