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May 24 Local. Golden Apple winners honored for dedication to Catholic education during May 16 awards dinner. Stint as a substitute teacher leads Diana Durkin to vocation as award-winning Catholic school teacher Apr 12 Local. Columba first grade teacher 'brings Jesus to everybody, every day' Apr 10 Local. Marie Russo, St.

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Golden Apple teacher Kerry Parker at home at St. Bartholomew School Apr 5 Local. After memorable Pi Day, St. Latest News. Special Series Golden Apple Awards Apr 5, Local. By Emma Restuccia. Here I keep any department-related stuff including notes from department meetings and ideas for teaching resources, as well as things related to my own subject teaching.

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However, I think I spent too long setting up a complex structure of notes, and not enough time creating a simple system that I would actually use. I also took advantage of both document scanning and drag and drop to add PDFs to some of my lesson plans. Sometimes I would take a scan of an answers page in the textbook, and sometimes I would drag in the PDF of a worksheet that I was planning to set for homework.

Later on I could drag it out into an email to send to my students. Note the use of emoji in these and other folder names.

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  4. This helps me to easily distinguish them visually. Shared notes, first introduced in iOS 10, has become a really useful and reliable feature.

    In this folder I keep a bunch of notes shared with others, mostly my wife. We still use Google Drive to share some files, but again, having documents in context along with some additional notes is much more useful than a complicated nested folder structure. Teachers have a lot of information to deal with and keep track of, and it comes in many forms: emails, attachments, paper documents, conversations with colleagues and students. Having a simple, reliable way to collect these things together and keep them organised and accessible is important.

    Why Teachers are Associated with and Traditionally Given Apples

    Notes achieves this admirably. That's three times as much feedback in the same length of time for marking, because I had this device in front of me. At the core of this iPad learning is iTunes U. Apple's online portal allows teachers to create courses that are available to all those enrolled. With over 1.

    The resources in the iTunes U program are vast: it can include anything the teacher wishes, from web pages to PDFs to videos and pictures. Apps play a big part too, with students being asked to use dedicated tools to help explain elements of lessons more simply. Most of these courses are private, with a code needed from the teacher to get access. However, courses are increasingly being made public, allowing anyone to access to information on subjects ranging from evolution in the Galapagos to advanced geometry and calculus.

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    But open it up as a non-teacher and iTunes U is a confusing place. It looks like a load of subjects with some random documents assigned.

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    So why does Apple's education portal exist? Why are teachers putting their courses online for others to see?

    It makes education in learning much easier. Having the courses centralised also allows pupils to manage their own learning — if they miss lessons through illness, all the information is there, rather than leaving the teacher to photocopy courses, send exercise books through and make phone calls to explain what was missed. The other element that attracts teachers to the Apple online portal is iBooks' textbook library. A vast number of volumes have already been created and can be instantly distributed to students, meaning no more back pain from lugging them to classes.

    But the ebook distribution model also allows teachers to be even more tailored: iBooks Author lets educators create their own bespoke textbooks for their classes. In fact, 45, have been created already for that purpose, including some made by the students themselves. These are then published through the Apple portal, making them available for other teachers to look at and include in their curriculum.