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The Russian version of House M. Each episode is devoted to one complicated issue with sports trauma. By the way, American fans negatively reacted to the Russian series. In the Russian version, an architect, Dima, falls in love; his friend proposes to his girlfriend Lucy; while another friend, the bachelor, Yura, knows a thousand ways to meet a girl.

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The comic sitcom Interns has allusions to both Scrubs and Doctor House. Andrei Bykov has a group of interns who he considers absolutely useless and stupid. Just like in Scrubs, the interns always get into stupid situations and try to find a solution so as not to be punished by Dr. The Russian series is still very popular, and 14 seasons aired from to Channel TNT still sometimes shows it, and producers admit the similarities with the American series, but also claim theirs is an original.

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There are fun allusions to House M. In one of the episodes, the chief physician asks Dr. Bykov not to watch House M. The first 10 seasons of the American sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond , were adapted into the Russian series, The Voronins , which invokes a common Russian last name. Middle-aged Kostya Voronin works as a sports journalist, and lives with his wife, daughter and twin boys. They are your ordinary Russian family. Since the 11 th season the Russian version uses original scripts.

The plot centers on a young man Alexei, who robs a bank and ends up in prison where his elder brother Kirill is on death row for the murder of a finance minister.

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Alexei tattooed a map of the prison on his body and wants to help his brother escape. In reality, Russia has a moratorium on the death penalty, but according to the script the killing of such a major official covinces authorities to allow it.

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The Russian version has two seasons and about 40 episodes. Before the start of each show a trailer shows people making tattoos for the main character. Russian producers purchased the rights for the adaptation of the Israeli series, Prisoners of war, which gave birth to Homeland in the U. After a military operation in the North Caucasus, a Russian officer is captured, only to be rescued many years later.

After returning home he has psychological and family problems, and seems to harbor a deeper secret. For now, the Russian version has only one season with 12 episodes. Producers invited the famous Russian film director, Pavel Lungin, to work on the series, while the popular Russian actor, Vladimir Mashkov, plays the main role. If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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Just Because You Can’t Read It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not a Trend: Decoding Cyrillic Logomania

So far you have encountered the Russian letters in their print forms, but when Russians write notes, cards, and letters by hand, they virtually always write in cursive, and learning cursive writing is part of the cultural tradition of education in Russia. The cursive forms of the letters are used not only in handwritten communication, but also in fancier typefaces. Russians tend to regard block printing as a sign of a poorly literate writer.

For that reason, even if you do not write in cursive in English, you need to learn how to read and write in cursive in Russian.

Pronouncing the Russian alphabet

You may be tempted, especially early on in your study of the language, to write words using English letters, because it seems faster and more comfortable. Try your best not to, however, since it will slow down your progress in learning to read and write Russian. Write using the Cyrillic alphabet, even if it seems hard and slow at first. While most of the letters in their cursive forms look similar to print forms, there are some differences. Various sites e. Regardless of which keyboard layout you choose, you should definitely avoid using online tools that convert English letters to Cyrillic ones.