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I savored every word of it.

In her gifted hands, Florida's natural world feels as riveting as the hopeful but hard-pressed characters who populate its tenuous landscape. Fort Starlight is both beautiful and strange, a mesmerizing and singular novel.

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This makes it all the more difficult to believe that this is the work of a debut novelist and not that of an old hand. Human whole blood without added anticoagulation for 8 hours and 6 consecutive days have demonstrated no hemolysis, increase in energy consumption, heat increase or clotting inside the pump. Long-term animal studies will be performed. Partial systolic pulsed unloading of LA demonstrated adequate hemodynamics and maintained pulse pressure.

This novel pump may be the first effective treatment for HFpEF. Are these recommendations pertinent? The sponsors were not involved in the development of this platform and had no influence on its content.

There Is a Miami Beyond This Miami: On Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe

Abstract Authors:. Hine was the first to show that diet is a key regulator of enzymatic H 2 S production.

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In the current study, Dr. Hine and his team describe for the first time how iron, together with vitamin B 6 , set into motion a chemical reaction that ultimately results in the production of non-enzymatic H 2 S. In this way, levels of both molecules must be regulated for successful non-enzymatic H 2 S production.

Beyond the Tripping Point

The team went on to show that how much H 2 S is produced during this reaction is regulated by a few factors, including red blood cell and iron states. They discovered that the iron found in damaged red blood cells has greater catalytic potential and produces more H 2 S than that of healthy, intact red blood cells.

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  5. Damage can result from a variety of events and cellular processes, including lysis or cell bursting and protein degradation, as happens when bound iron uncouples to become free iron. Free iron, they found, produces more H 2 S than bound iron. While this study uncovered much about the chemical reaction that produces non-enzymatic H 2 S and factors that affect its robustness, it is still unclear whether non-enzymatic H 2 S is protective, as is the case with enzymatic H 2 S, or detrimental.