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Integral equations of the first kind, inverse problems and regularization: a crash course

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Modelling 43 Google Scholar.

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Industry 3 Google Scholar. Hanson R Integral equations of immunology, Commun. Ivanov V Integral equations of the first kind an approximate solution for the inverse problem potential, Sov. Polyanin, A. Handbook of Integral Equations. Porter, D. Press, W.

Mod-01 Lec-38 Integral Equations

Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, pp. Tricomi, F.

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    Novel Methods for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Integral Equations

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    Volterra Stieltjes-Integral Equations, Volume 16 - 1st Edition

    Modify, remix, and reuse just remember to cite OCW as the source. This course emphasizes concepts and techniques for solving integral equations from an applied mathematics perspective. Material is selected from the following topics: Volterra and Fredholm equations, Fredholm theory, the Hilbert-Schmidt theorem; Wiener-Hopf Method; Wiener-Hopf Method and partial differential equations; the Hilbert Problem and singular integral equations of Cauchy type; inverse scattering transform; and group theory.