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Upon learning of Crocodile's bomb, Koza wanted to warn the city but was stopped by Vivi, who stated that it would create a panic, instead telling him to stop the war. Crocodile moved in to attack the pair before they could, but Chaka used what strength he had left to intervene, allowing them to escape. The Royal Army raised the white flag, with Koza in front, but he was shot down by a double agent in the Royal Army, provoking the rebels. After gloating to her that she should've let Koza warn the city and that her ideals would be what destroys the country, Crocodile proceeded to throw Vivi off the palace wall, but she was saved by Luffy who came in flying on Pell's back, much to Crocodile's shock as he thought Luffy had died in their last fight.

Vivi met the rest of the Straw Hats on the foot of the wall and went to search for the bomb with them and Pell. During his previous fight, Luffy noticed that water made Crocodile unable to turn into sand as he and the water barrel that Toto gave were pierced by Crocodile's hook. Realizing this, he brought a huge barrel of water to aid him in his rematch against the Shichibukai. Figuring this out, Luffy decided to switch tactics by drinking all of his water and storing it within himself, essentially becoming what he dubbed "Mizu Luffy". While this new tactic infuriated Crocodile, it proved very effective for Luffy.

Unfortunately, he gained enough of an upper hand for Crocodile to stop holding back. Crocodile ordered Nico Robin to have Cobra lead her to the ponyglyph that contained the location of Pluton, planning to catch up after he finished dealing with Luffy. He then used his strongest technique, Ground Secco and Ground Death, to turn the entire area they were standing on into sand.

As Crocodile's hand held Luffy, he was severely dehydrated [] and was once again left for dead. Fortunately, however, some water bubbles that Luffy misfired earlier dropped on him, reviving him from his near death state. Miss All Sunday easily dispatched the Marine grunts who had held her up and defeated Tashigi just as easily with her Devil Fruit ability. As Tashigi struggled for her sword, Crocodile appeared, calling her superior Smoker "cowardly" and mocking her and the Marines' ideals of "Justice" before departing again. Tashigi was left crying and confused as to what action she should take and angry that she wasn't strong enough.

Crocodile soon arrived [] [] but did not get the information he wanted from the stone. Nico Robin alone could read it but told him that all that was said on the Ponyglyph was Alabasta's history. He turned his back on Nico Robin, having no further use for her, and impaled her with his hook, easily avoiding her attempt to kill him. Cobra triggered a destruction mechanism in the grave to keep the secrets safe, but Crocodile pointed out that he can easily escape with his ability.

Annoyed by Luffy's stubbornness, he asked him what was his reason for fighting and being killed. To that question, Luffy answered that he needed to give back the country. Crocodile laughed because he thought he had not yet accomplished that part, but Luffy answered him that if it was the case, Vivi shall be happier, and then he ran towards Crocodile and gave him a direct punch in the face. Crocodile was surprised about that since Luffy carried no more water. He finally understood that what allowed Luffy to hit him was the blood from his wounds.

Realizing that he was facing someone he should no longer underestimate, he took the upper part of his hook off, revealing a poisonous weapon. However, his determination to defeat Crocodile easily overcame this, much to the latter's frustration. As the battle continued, Luffy kicked Crocodile into the air. Upon doing so, Luffy was blasted with one of Crocodile's powerful techniques. Luffy however withstood the attack and prepared to retaliate. Using a series of moves, Luffy propeled himself up to Crocodile to deliver the final blow.

As a last resort, Crocodile tried to stop Luffy by turning his hand into blades. This did not stop Luffy as he broke through the sand created weapons with his bare fists and delivered a flurry of punches onto his opponent. Luffy attacked Crocodile with such force that it penetrated a layer of pure bedrock and sent Crocodile flying, finally defeating the Shichibukai.

Crocodile being stripped of his Shichibukai title by Tashigi after Luffy defeats him. The Baroque Works president landed in the center of the capital, much to the confusion of the fighting citizens. All Baroque Works agents in the city were rounded up and arrested. The World Government falsified the entire incident , embarrassed that a pirate had saved the country rather than themselves. To the Marines, Smoker was declared the one who captured Crocodile much to the former's disgust and anger.

Crocodile was taken to a prison and was put in the same cell with Mr. Crocodile was enjoying one of his cigars, smiling as he watched his former agents escape.

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On their way out, Miss Goldenweek used her Rainbow Color Trap to transform his appearance based on his dream, making him appear as the Pirate King. Later in Impel Down, he was serving his sentence in Level 6. He was placed in a cell not too far from Jinbe and "Fire-Fist" Ace.

Luffy was defiant at first as he had yet to forgive Crocodile for what he did to Vivi and her country. He seemed confident that Luffy could not refuse his offer. Crocodile had at first lost interest in the outside world, but hearing that Whitebeard was going to war with the Marines had caused him to reconsider as it was a perfect chance to take down the legendary pirate. Luffy wanted nothing to do with him, considering that the Alabasta incident was still fresh in his mind. Ivankov however suggested to free him, much to Luffy's shock.

It was then revealed that Ivankov has long known the former Shichibukai as far back as when he was a rookie. Ivankov assured Luffy that should Crocodile get out of line, he would take care of him himself since he knew of something in Crocodile's past that he would not want revealed. Ivankov then stated that he was only willing to free him if Crocodile helped out which Crocodile already offered to do.

Jinbe suddenly spoke out, begging to help, as he wanted to save Ace as badly as Luffy, even willing to die "a glorious death" to do so. Noting this, Luffy agreed to his wishes. The other prisoners in Level 6 also asked to be let out too, but Ivankov silenced them with a Death Wink. With that done, Inazuma freed Crocodile and Jinbe of their chains and the five prepared to break out of Impel Down.

After being released from his bonds, Jinbe warned Crocodile to lay off Whitebeard though Crocodile merely asked if Jinbe would just prefer to fight to the death immediately if that was the case. Ivankov shrugged this off and told the others to follow after him. Bon Kurei was also among the group, having been injected with Tension Hormones though they worked a little too well since he cannot stop spinning. The latter mentioned that the execution was set for 3 o'clock and that Whitebeard could make his move at any point while Ace was on the ocean. Luffy was content on the premise that Ace would not be executed before he was scheduled to.

Crocodile went ahead of the two and dried up the entrance to Level 4, turning it to sand, only to find the security on that level were waiting for them. This did not stop the trio though and they attacked at full force. Crocodile used his Barchan ability, Luffy used his Gomu Gomu no Ame, and Jinbe used his Fish-Man Karate which was so powerful he did not even need to touch the guards to knock them back. It soon became evident to the guards that they cannot beat the trio.

On Level 4, Crocodile threw some keys into a cell and asked Daz Bonez to leave with him. Daz agreed to leave and joined the group. Just as all seems lost, Luffy, Jinbe, and Crocodile rushed forward and struck them with powerful attacks, knocking out the Jailer Beasts in one hit, much to the horror of Sadi and the shock of the guards. Suddenly as Blackbeard arrive at the scene, Crocodile witnesses his successor's arrival. Blackbeard retaliated by summoning a black whirlpool, sucking Luffy toward him and slamming him into the ground. Crocodile was genuinely surprised Luffy actually bled from the attack since he's made of rubber, and Blackbeard did not use haki, instead using the ability of his Devil Fruit to syphon off Luffy's power.

Crocodile picked him out as his successor in the Shichibukai , and asked him why he was throwing away his Shichibikai status after working for it so hard. Blackbeard commented that it was part of his scheme although it was not going smoothly. He then retorted and asked Crocodile since when did he have to explain his plans to him which Crocodile responded that he really did not care what he was planning, which caused Blackbeard to comment on Crocodile being "short on manners".

A short while later the Minotaurus started attacking the escape force. In shock Mr. Crocodile then explained that the four Jailer Beasts are Awakened Zoan users and they have super strength and high recovery rates and that the three guards which he, Jinbe, and Luffy had just beaten would recover soon as well, however, they lost the ability to go back to their human form.

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However, he was not concerned about this and stated that Magellan would arrive soon. At first, Buggy started telling him to watch where he was going, but upon seeing who he just ran into, Buggy screamed in shock and fear along with Mr.

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Crocodile asked Mr. While Luffy then decided to take on Magellan with the help of Mr. Although they awaited the Marine ships at the entrance, not a single ship was waiting in front of Impel Down. They then noticed some of the Marine ships sailing away at a far end. Buggy, Mr. The prisoners were more than over-enthusiastic at the sight of seeing two Shichibukai on their side in action as well as their saviour Buggy along with them. Buggy however just jumped on to get away from the prison so as to not face Magellan.

Just as the four came closer to the Marine ships, the Marines spotted them and opened fire.

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Jinbe dodged them then stated that he was going to launch them onto the ship before going underwater. Buggy began to freak out as their speed decreased and the makeshift raft on the verge of getting hit by the ships. Jinbe, meanwhile gathers as much power as he can before sending it out into a strong ocean current that rockets Buggy, Crocodile, and Mr. The Marines quickly pointed their guns at the bunch but before they can, Jinbe hit the ship with a spear wave much to Crocodile's annoyance.

After the escape, he was seen having a conversation with Jinbe about how he summoned the whale sharks. He commented on how it seemed odd that Jinbe could summon whale sharks. Crocodile also talked about how the fish-men were a violent race, which Jinbe agreed. Crocodile explained that they can only go to Marineford or Enies Lobby because the current only flows to those two places.

Later, when the prisoners that were released by Buggy became riled up and wanted to take the ship to escape, Crocodile, Luffy, and Jinbe got ready to do what was necessary to subdue or kill them, but Buggy managed to convince them to join the battle instead. Crocodile remained on the ship with Luffy and the others, approaching the battle of Marineford. Luffy tried to talk the others into pushing the boat so that it would slide down the back of the wave. Before they do, though, the Den Den Mushi on board intercepted the order, which was to just ignore the schedule and move up Ace's execution.

Panicking, Luffy told the others that they need to hurry. Ivankov performed Hell Wink in hopes of shoving the battleship off of the wave, but instead of sliding down, it is knocked forward, flipping upside down and sending all of the inmates plummeting towards the sea. Through an act of pure fortune, the battleship landed in one of the few spots of the ocean that remained unfrozen.

Although the impact split the boat in two, those on board fall into the ocean unharmed. Crocodile, along with the other Devil Fruit users is rescued by Jinbe, who fishes them out of the water. Onlookers were shocked that Crocodile, as well as the other prisoners, arrived in the middle of the war. As Ivankov looked around, he noticed that Crocodile made his first move, appearing behind Whitebeard, ready to impale him with his golden hook.

Before he can, Luffy activated Gear Second and intercepted Crocodile. Crocodile reminded Luffy that they had a deal, to which Luffy responded that because Whitebeard was important to Ace, he would not let Crocodile touch him. Marco remarked to himself that Ace's brother was not half bad. Crocodile and Mr. While many of Whitebeard's crew attempted to stop Crocodile from attacking the old man again, Crocodile brushed them aside with a sandstorm. Jozu then lunged at Crocodile, managing to strike Crocodile using haki. As Jozu attempted to attack Crocodile again with Diamond body, he was stopped by Doflamingo, who was riding on his back and controlling his movement.

While Crocodile seemed antagonistic towards Doflamingo, Doflamingo asked if he and Crocodile could team up. Doflamingo laughed at how he thought Crocodile had learned his lesson, to which Crocodile answered that if he had, he would not have escaped Impel Down in the first place. He then performed Sables, and blew Doflamingo away. The attack was not confined to Doflamingo, though, as Buggy was accidentally sucked into the vortex as well.

When Squard stabbed Whitebeard and let everyone think that Whitebeard betrayed his allies in exchange for his own crew, Crocodile shouted at Whitebeard in disgust, claiming that he wasn't so weak during the last time they fought. Up on the execution platform, the guards were about to execute Ace. However, they were blown back by Crocodile. While Sengoku wondered why Crocodile would aid his own enemy, the former Shichibukai noted that he only did it because he did not want to see the Marines be satisfied.

Suddenly, taking everyone by surprise, Crocodile's head came flying off of his body. Doflamingo, standing behind Crocodile, said that he was jealous that he had decided to collaborate with Whitebeard instead of him. Forming his head back onto his body, Crocodile responded by saying that he was not teaming up with anyone. Dolflamingo asks if this was the same as blowing him off, and Crocodile admits that it is. At this point Dolflamingo attacks Crocodile, who easily parries it with his hook.

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As Luffy was about to be attacked, Whitebeard's allies jumped in and protected him, telling him that he had to go on ahead while Whitebeard held the Marines off. Ivankov told Luffy that Whitebeard was putting all of his faith in him; Luffy answered by saying that he did not care about Whitebeard and that he was only there to save Ace.

Dracule Mihawk attempted to attack Luffy, but was stopped by Mr. After Mihawk struck Mr. Later, the Blackbeard Pirates took Whitebeard's life robbing Crocodile of his revenge since all Crocodile could do was observe his lifeless, but still standing body. Crocodile revealed himself and used Sables to throw Luffy and Jinbe into the air claiming if they were gonna protect Luffy, they had to do it right.

The duo flied until they plow into Buggy who was still escaping, much to his surprise. His followers thought he was actually trying to save them. Just as Buggy was fleeing, Akainu fired a magma fist at them but was stopped by the Whitebeard commanders who commented and proclaimed that they would protect Luffy. Crocodile was then seen standing alongside the Whitebeard Pirates and prepared to face off against Akainu. It is unknown what happened to him during the confrontation with Akainu, but he later appeared unharmed when Shanks was calling for a ceasefire between the the three factions.

He and Mr. Looking over the newspaper, he remarked that Luffy and Jinbe, right after having been saved, were committing foolish acts. Bonez commented that they must have some sort of plan or they were just being crazy, and then stated that Luffy suffered "wounds" that do not heal quickly.

Crocodile contradicted Bonez's remark, replying that his Crocodile's "wounds" were already healed, and that he was heading back to the New World as proof. Crocodile invited his former subordinate to come with him and Bonez accepted without hesitation. Over the last two years, Crocodile has successfully eluded any Marines sent to capture him and is currently hiding in the New World. As the news of Luffy's exploits at Totto Land spread across the world, Crocodile read the newspaper.

He appeared to be in an up-scale room with several guards gathered in the background. In the manga, Crocodile's skin color is a more natural light skin color, as opposed to the anime's gray skin. In the manga, the poison hook beneath his golden one is far thinner than in the anime. In the anime it is partially seen how Crocodile changes outfits, as his shoes are laced by the Emporio Ivankov's Dancers.