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Instead, try entering your difficult conversations with genuine curiosity. Real attention to understanding is likely to yield new information that can help you resolve the problem.

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Synergy is the interaction of individuals for greater combined effect than any one person would have on their own. Truly effective conflict management is all about synergy. Different values, opinions, and perspectives, when viewed as opportunity instead of a problem, allow families and organizations to build on their joint strengths and minimize the individual weaknesses.

For Covey, this is the habit that makes all the other habits possible. Sharpening the saw is the act of self-renewal, learning, and personal growth. It means learning how to manage yourself well in difficult moments, whether you learn this by attending trainings, working with a coach, or reading on your own.

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When you stretch yourself and practice when the stakes are low, you help your mind respond better in those trying moments. Skip to content Skip to footer Show Offscreen Content. Search TammyLenski.

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt uses the term frequently in his speeches to soothe a body politic battered by economic turmoil: "In these days it means to me a union not only of the states, but a union of the hearts and minds of the people in all the states and their many interests and purposes, devoted with unity to the human welfare of our country.

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JUNE The phrase gets used for the first time in its modern sense — to refer to counterinsurgency objectives — during the Malayan Emergency, an uprising by local rebel forces to oust British colonial rule. Sir Gerald Templer. Kennedy tells Congress.

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MAY 4, U. President Lyndon B. Johnson says that "ultimate victory [in Vietnam] will depend upon the hearts and the minds " of the Vietnamese. President George W. Bush justifies the invasion of Iraq by hailing the possibility of a political transformation of the Middle East. General Assembly. Army and Marine Corps release a revised " Counterinsurgency Field Manual ," drawing on historical counterinsurgency lessons as well as recent experience in Iraq.

The manual calls for a minimal use of force.

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