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On February 4, , Sylvester Stallone quoted, "Yeah, we are doing another Rambo, but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country. At that time, the plot revolved around Rambo fighting his way through human traffickers and drug lords to rescue a young girl abducted near the U.

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On November 11, it was reported that the plot had reverted to Rambo crossing the border to rescue a girl who had been kidnapped, which led commentators assume that Rambo will go to Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican border city infamous for gang violence, although this was not confirmed as well, and came from a fishy source. Following an interview with Stallone for Ain't It Cool News, in which the director emphasised the finality of his decision to end the franchise, Harry Knowles reported that "He then told me that the folks behind those posters essentially said that if Sly didn't do it - someone else would.

And Sly seems fine with that. Hood described the film to be "more in line with the small-town thriller of First Blood". He based the script on an incomplete draft of Rambo V that Stallone wrote which consisted of 20 pages.

Watch Sylvester Stallone Face His Past in First ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Trailer

He hasn't decided if R5 will be an "Unforgiven" or a "passing of the torch". Meanwhile, Stallone confirmed a fifth installment, saying this one would be the last one.

It will involve him going into Mexico. Categories :.

Rambo: Last Blood (2019 Movie) Teaser Trailer— Sylvester Stallone

The ensuing manhunt sees Rambo disabling his tormentors one by one until his ex-Commanding Officer, Trautman, arrives to try and talk Rambo down. In it, we find Rambo behind bars, paying for the damage caused to the police officers in the first film. But Rambo actually enjoys the routine of jail, and he is paying his dues.

10 Fun Facts About The Rambo Franchise Leading Into 'Last Blood'

Then Trautman comes to visit with an offer to redeem himself, a reconnaissance mission behind enemy lines. Things go well until Rambo discovers POWs tied onto crucifixes and decides to go somewhat off-message. He steals a Soviet helicopter and destroys the Russian and Viet-Cong base, saves all the hostages, and then destroys the US base in Thailand. The third film hit us just two years later in with the unassuming title Rambo III. Our hero is still in Thailand, but now he is stuck fighting for cash when ex-CO Trautman turns up trying to recruit Rambo for a trip to Afghanistan to beat up some more Soviet bad-guys.

So Trautman goes alone, gets captured by the Soviets, ensuring that Rambo turns up anyway.

‘Rambo: Last Blood’: First Trailer Reveals John Rambo’s Last Ride

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Sylvester Stallone finds his inner Kevin McCallister in this final chapter

Adrian Grunberg. Balboa Productions.

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Rambo Old Town Road. Rambo: Last Blood trailer.