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Cite chapter How to cite? Their concerns only grow when Ava is born.

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Lucy is a danger to herself and to the baby A Paris. Lucy and Adam met at a barbeque two summers ago, they married a year later and now they are expecting their first child.

Lucy and her mum, Christine, have always been close after her dad committed suicide and Christine had to raise her alone from the age of eight. Christine understands why Lucy is particularly concerned about her lapses in memory especially as Christine has been reluctant to confide in Lucy as to what led to her father committing suicide.

Lucy is concerned with being the perfect mother but as the time of her due date approaches both she and Adam become increasingly worried about her ability to look after herself let alone a fragile baby. By the time Ava is born Lucy is increasingly isolated and dependent upon Adam and the reader is probably becoming increasingly frustrated with her inability to see that Adam is behind it all. In The Bad Mother Amanda Brooke paints an eerie picture of a husband psychologically abusing his wife and shows how it can be a gradual and almost unnoticed process.