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Click on the tree for the seeds to fall to the ground. Take the red Empty Bag from inventory and place it on the seeds to pick them up. Pick up the Bag with Seeds from the floor. Collect 16 Rings Please look at the screenshot for the locations of all the rings. Pick up the Saw in the upper right corner. Place the Saw on the branch in the upper left side. Click on the Ring the cut branch left behind. After you find the last ring, a mini-puzzle will appear.

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Rings Mini-puzzle Your goal is to eliminate all the matching rings until only 1 ring is left. If the pieces match, the doors will disappear. Go back to the Hallway in which the Petrified Nanny was located. Petrified Nanny Hallway Click on the door in the back for a closer view. The door will open; go through it to access the Square. Place the Bag with Seeds on the flowerbed on the right.

Place the green Magic Liquid over the flowerbed to make the flowers grow faster. The spell on the Enchanted Gardener has been broken. Watch a brief cut scene. Pick up the Flavoring Herbs left in the spot in which the Gardener was standing. Click on the Fountain for a closer view. Fountain Click on the tablet on the right side of the Fountain.

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Use the Crowbar on the grating on the ground to remove it. Click on the hole on the ground to trigger a puzzle. Pipe Mini-puzzle Your goal in this game is to assemble the pipes and turn on all the taps. Drag the pipe pieces at the bottom of the puzzle and place them on the taps. Pipes in the right spots will darken and lock themselves in. Pipes in incorrect locations will stay light and can be moved around. Once the pipes are in place, you have to click on the valves in the right order until they are lit in green. I will number the valves from 1 through 5.

Please look at the screenshot for the locations of the numbers. In order for this solution to work you have to follow these steps before you touch any valves. Please click on the vales in the following order Exit the fountain view. You can click on either the left or right side of the scene to reach other areas of the garden. Click on the right to go to the Backyard. Backyard Use your Garden Pruner on the vines to eliminate them.

You have to click the Garden Pruner on the scene 3 times to eliminate everything. Pick up the Spade in the lower center. Click on the tablet in the upper left. Leave this scene and go left at the Square to reach the Alley. Statue Alley Use the Spade on the lower left side of the ground. Pick up the Hook that appears in the ground.

Use the Knife to cut the Rope on the statue on the right. The Rope falls in the lower right corner; pick it up. The Rope and the Hook will automatically merge in your inventory to form Climbing Irons. Click on the statue on the far right for a closer view. Click on the same tablet to remove it. Pick up the gold Key that appears behind the tablet. Go back to the backyard. Backyard Place the Climbing Irons on the branch on the left.

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Use the Garden Pruner to cut the branch. Place the Climbing Irons in the window. Click on the window to enter the Kitchen.

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Kitchen Click on the cobwebs above the fireplace. Pick up the Empty Beaker on the lower right side of the back wall. The Barrel is blocking the door. Click on the Barrel several times until it rolls completely away from the door. Notice that Oil is coming out of the barrel. Exit through the door on the right to go back to the Hallway. Click on the left door and go up the stairway to reach the Tower. Find the Messages Click on the Hidden Object scene on the left.

In this scene you have to find all the pieces of papers and the words written throughout the scene. Pick up the Bellows in the lower right. Place the Bellows on the powder compact by the right window. Sort the Messages Mini-puzzle Click on 2 identical items to eliminate them from the board. Click on the last item on the board. You will receive the Violet Scroll in your inventory. Violet Beaker Mini-puzzle Place the Violet Scroll at the bottom of the device in the lower center of the scene.

Place the Empty Beaker anywhere on the scene. Click on clusters that have the same amount of red and blue colors in them to obtain the color you need.

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Exit out of that scene and go to the door in the back of the Hallway. Give the Magic Powder to the Court Tailor. The spell on the Court Tailor has been broken. Pick up the Mitten left behind by the Court Tailor in the lower left side of the ground. Go back to the Kitchen by clicking downwards twice, click in the back of the scene and enter the Kitchen through the door on the right.

Kitchen Place the Mitten on the lid of the cauldron to remove it. Put the Flavoring Herb in the Cauldron. The spell has been broken and now the Cook is free. Go into the Wine Cellar on the left side of the scene. Place the Wine Glass on the tap of the large barrel on the back wall. Grab the Glass of Wine to take it off your list.

Pick up the Empty Oil Can in the lower center, on top of the barrel. Go back to the Kitchen. Kitchen The barrel that you pushed out of the door earlier is oozing with oil. Pick up the Oil Can after it has been filled. Go back to the Alley by leaving the Castle and turning left at the Square. Place the gold Key in the lock to open it. Go through the gate once it opens to enter a Hidden Object scene. Cemetery Smoke — Pick up the Water Jug in the upper left. Place the Water Jug on the fire in the lower center. Click on the Smoke above the fire to eliminate that item off your list.

Pick up the Door Handle on the left center side of the scene. Go back to the Fountain. Fountain Symbols Click on the Fountain and you will notice the sun symbol inside the Fountain. Go to the Tower and click on the window. Notice the symbols inside the Fountain when you are up in the Tower, they are much clearer now since the water has been drained. Go to the Armory Room. Armory Door Lock Click on the right door for a closer view. Your goal is to place the symbols on the right order on the door.

The order of the symbols can be found by looking at the fountain from the window in the Tower and up close in the Square. Click on the symbols in order to change them. Place the Stone on the Ship in a bottle in the upper right. Grab the Letter inside the bottle. Pick up the Dirty Coin in the lower left corner of the scene. As soon as the Dirty Coin goes into your inventory it will be wiped clean with the Handkerchief.

Go to the Crypt Entrance by exiting the Castle, go left by the Square and click in the back of the Alley. Crypt Entrance Place the Door Handle on the door. Click on the door to open it. You will be taken to a brief cut scene. Pick up the Crystal Ball the Coffin-maker left behind on top of the left coffin. Click on the center coffin for a closer view.

Crypt Puzzle Please watch the video for a step-by-step solution for this puzzle. You can only click on the letters at the right and left ends of the puzzle. When you click on a letter on the left end, it will travel through the top bar and land on the next to last slot. When you click on a letter on the right end, it will travel through the bottom slot and land in the 2nd slot. The coffin will open once the puzzle has been solved. Place the Torch on the left side of the coffin. You receive a message that the underground stairs lead to a secret room. Only the crystal ball will unlock it.

The parts of the stand are scattered all over the castle. Go back to the Alley and turn right to go into the Cemetery and enter a Hidden Object scene. Find 18 Reptiles Please look at the screenshot for the locations of all the reptiles. Click on the Egg in the lower left corner several times to crack it. Click on the reptile to find the last reptile on the list. Reptile Mini-puzzle Click on a reptile and musical symbols will appear above it. Your goal is to match the 2 reptiles with the same musical symbols. Click on the last reptile that does not have a match to end the puzzle.

The last reptile will go into your inventory as a Metal Decoration.

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Go into the Kitchen and enter the Wine Cellar on the left. Please look at the screenshot for the locations of all the grapes. Click on the folded paper on the table on the right 2 times to unfold it. Click on it a third time to pick it up. Match the Items Click on the 2 items that are similar in nature. Like 2 grape clusters, grape drawings or grape plaques.

Click on the last item without a match and it will be entered into your inventory as a Metal Decoration. Go back into the Armory Room. Flowers — Armory Room Go through the door on the right. Table of Contents. Meet with Yennefer in druids' camp.

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Use the mask in specific places pointed by Yen. Examine the fallen tree. The Witcher 3 Guide Mod Guide.

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Introduction Mod installation step-by-step. How to install mods? Useful Tools. The best mods. Strategy Guide. Gaining new experience levels Skill points Mutagens Which skills you should buy? How to reset skills? How to earn money? How to quickly gain experience? How to kill the griffin? Where to exchange coins? Where can I sell trophies? Where can I get basic horse equipment? Why I don't receive any experience? How to increase capacity to maximum? How to get to Skellige islands? How to brew White Gull?

Installation of free DLC Easter eggs. Exploring the game world. Combat tips Healing and meditation Preparing for hard battles Adrenaline. Romances and love scenes. Introduction Sorceresses Courtesans. Coming Soon or not. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Max von Sydow Nikolas Andreou aged Astrid Roos Caroline Martin Danae Skiadi Maria Andreou Nikolas Papagiannis Alexis Andreou Martin Laer Commandant Tenner young Alice Krige Andrea Foss Maximos Livieratos Nikolaos Andreou young Richard Chamberlain Aged Commandant Tenner Tomas Arana General von Le Suire Tasos Karlis Anestis Andreou Yorgo Voyagis Manolis Philippe Matic-Arnauld des Lions Antony Nyman Aurora Marion Young Woman Maria Aliferi Katerina Thanos Tokakis Edit Storyline "Echoes of the Past" is a topical, fictional drama, inspired in part by a true event, the infamous massacre of Kalavryta by Nazi troops on December 13th, Taglines: The past and its history are never where you think you left them.

Genres: Drama. Country: Greece.