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They can do everything but ask for the big dough. Happens routinely in both parties.

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The smart companies route these deals through law firms. A scintilla of information gives a company an edge. That price tag would be completely worth it for a member of Hill leadership -- and intel on Trump is worth much more than that.

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It seems like Cohen offered squat. Why do you think many restaurants in D. Why do you think some companies buy massive townhouses on Capitol Hill? Why do you think members of Congress hold PAC retreats at swanky resorts, and lobbyists go in droves?

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Yes, the people who rage against the machine are greasing the skids. Watch cable TV, look for a lawmaker who says the system is broken and then take a gander at their campaign finance report. Bet you they have tons of PAC contributions, and tons of lobbyists giving them dough. Give us a break. Ever since then, Jerusalem has been the seat of the modern Israeli government.

A: We are updating USG maps to show Jerusalem denoted with a star, in line with our designation of other capital cities. Q: How many guests are attending the opening ceremony? Q: Was the ceremony open to the public? A: Due to size restrictions and security considerations, tickets were not made available. We are looking at all sites we currently lease or own, including the Arnona property. We expect site selection, design, planning and permitting, and construction of a permanent Embassy Jerusalem to take seven to ten years. It is too early to assess the likely cost of a permanent Embassy in Jerusalem.

We need to determine our needs, select a site, and start the design process. Special assistant Kelly Sadler made the derisive comments during a closed-door White House meeting of about two-dozen communications staffers on Thursday morning.

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  • In any other White House, this person would be fired. Lindsey Graham R-S. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, has drafted a resignation letter but has not submitted it, according to two of the people. Please make sure your voice is heard.

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    In order for the decision to be final, the Israel's Higher Education Council will need to decide on the issue. Poor tactics, poor leadership and a litany of other failures have held back the armed forces of most Arab countries. The lesson of the Shoah is that we must never permit such a belief to rise again. Were Israel to use Egyptian methods, it would presumably face a wave of global criticism as it does nearly any time it uses force.

    Why the double-standard? Security officials do not believe that the next escalation will involve kidnappings, but would likely involve a new network of tunnels. What makes the very presence of Arab ministers in Warsaw significant, even if they do not shake hands with Netanyahu in front of whirling cameras, is that the Palestinians asked them not to come. Gen-IV reactors are much safer than the current generation of reactors.

    However, how they will react in the event of an accident is not yet completely understood. American military officials urged Congress to put more money into "left of launch" programs, meaning programs which rely on sabotaging launchers before they are fired. The tweet posted onto the PM of Israel's account was soon deleted and replaced with a new tweet.


    If history is any indication, Mandelblit will make the indictment announcement about five weeks before Election Day — around the first week of March. Partial recount of primary votes after court order could change results of regional representatives.

    New research shows that a historical population exchange has been happening between the West Bank and the interior of Israel, both Jewish and Palestinian, with Israel's encouragement and money. Its vibrant list of candidates represented diversity, change and a new page. Created and led by Schorr, the JSFS has become one of the most acclaimed film schools in the entire world. The reality is that if a new government were to replace the current Likud-led coalition, the current security and foreign policies would remain in place.

    Although there are still several more days left of the festival, some who attended the early screenings of Skin were predicting that it could win the coveted Panorama Audience Award. World Jewry needs to come to terms with what is realistic and morally acceptable to demand from Israel. Today, there are more than 5.

    June May April March February January Palestinians want East Jerusalem as the capital of a state they hope to establish in the occupied West Bank and the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Trump told Reuters in an interview at the White House on Thursday that he wanted to see a peace deal. The U. In January, two days after Trump took office, Netanyahu said he was lifting restrictions on settlement construction in East Jerusalem, just as the city's municipality approved building permits for hundreds of new homes.

    During Barack Obama's presidency, Netanyahu's government came under repeated censure for building in settlements, which the previous U. Under Trump, Netanyahu expected more of a green light to ramp up settlement building, but it hasn't been straightforward. While Trump has said he does not think settlements are necessarily an obstacle to peace, he did directly ask Netanyahu during a White House press conference in February to "hold back on settlements for a little bit".

    In , Israel announced its intent to build homes in East Jerusalem during a visit by then-Vice President Joe Biden, who condemned the plan. It caused huge embarrassment to Netanyahu, who suspended the plan before reintroducing it in